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“Annie” is the story of a beautiful and dark character, dependent on the form of happiness that injects itself rapidly. Wanting to leave when there’s nowhere to go, when the word “Exit” is just an illuminated sign over a door that leads to yet another complex world. The desire for darkness in others, the envy of their dramaturgy. The elegance of a certain end, dreamed, projected and miscalculated.

  1. Sister Street (03:45)
  2. One Way (04:18)
  3. La Reine (03:21)
  4. Magic (03:05)
  5. Chien (03:41)
  6. Lack of Sleep (02:56)
  7. Vieille flamme (03:43)
  8. Sharp Edge (04:14)
  9. Avant (01:58)
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