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Pyramide tells the story of underwater monsters, tightrope walkers and metaphysical dreams. A dark celebration, like a Mexican death festival.

  1. Funambule (02:21)
  2. Chorégraphie (02:25)
  3. Bête aquatique (04:42)
  4. Martine (02:46)
  5. Métaphysique (03:18)
  6. Éponge d’os (03:10)
  7. Fruit des bois (03:04)
  8. Encapsulée (02:50)
  9. L’Imposteur (03:21)

Vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, percussion, keyboard, banjo, harmonica, glockenspiel, recording, mixing, and production by Nicolas Huart.

Vocals on “L’Imposteur”: Maik Hummel

Trumpet on “Encapsulée”: Jakob Hummel

Mastering: Falk Andreas

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